Extra Curricular Activity (Extra Academic Activity)

According to the strategy of work with foreign students includes a whole variety of goals including these (the most important ones):

· Social and cultural adaptation of foreign students to the conditions of new social and cultural environment and new conditions of studying;

Support of social, cultural and physical development of foreign students;

Language environment as a means for effective studying and good results of social and cultural adaptation;

Prevention of national origin discrimination;

Conditions for full involvement of foreign students into educational and extra curricular activity at university;

Realization of innovation potential of foreign students in the framework of social and personal development.

The strategy of social policy toward foreign citizens and students studying at the university is based on the following principles:

Involvement Principle: foreign students take part in formation and realization of educational programs of the university;

Compensation Principle of Social Welfare: social welfare assistance and legal assistance of foreign students which is especially necessary for them due to their nationality and citizenship;

Guarantee Principle: the university guarantees a minimum of social services to the foreign student, i.e. education, spiritual and physical development, health protection, professional training; the quality and types of these services must help to develop a personality and prepare a student for the future life

Principle of Tolerant Environment: the formation (both at the university and at the department) humanistic relationships; education on the values of universal and national cultures.

Program «House, Where We Live»


Tutor Support

Evaluation of negative and positive factors which influence on social well-being of students

Organization of every-day life

Organization of special activities during holidays

Christmas Evenings

Student Holidays on Campus

Student contest at the dormitory “Light Up Your Star”

Student Contest on campus Home-Maker

Organization of national and Russian holidays at the leisure centre Rainbow

Program Health

Universiade of Tula State Lev Tolstoy Pedagogical University

Holiday Maslenitsa Festival – Health Day

Competition on Orienteering Wilderness Program for 1st Year Students

Studies for most active members of student council Stop smoking, Take the Skis at Aleksin Bor

Socially important project Dialogue of People Dialogue of Cultures

Goals of Project:

Propaganda of world cultural heritage

Propaganda of culture, traditions and languages of Russian peoples

Propaganda and popularization of national cultures, education of students about the culture of different peoples

Formation of tolerant attitude towards the representatives of other nationalities and religions and denominations

Promotion of intercultural cooperation between Russian and foreign students

The development of artistic potential of foreign students

Formation of aesthetic values and taste, the development and creation of spiritual culture values

Student holiday of meeting At the Intersection of Cultures

Festival of Vietnamese Culture

The week of the Chinese language and culture

The week of the Arabic language and culture

Festival of Russian song