Courses of Russian Language

For several years on the basis of the International Faculty of Lev Tolstoy TSPU training, courses, Summer schools for Russian language learning are conducted. Learning can be a short-term (from two weeks) and long-term (3-10 months). Programs are composed with taking into account the level of proficiency of Russian language (from beginner to advanced), as well as professional orientation, interests and wishes of students and trainees. Experienced teachers of the Department of Russian as Foreign Language use the modern active learning methods which help "to plunge" into the world of Russian words and Russian culture. In the classes difficult questions of Russian grammar are considered, pronunciation rules are practiced, conversations about contemporary Russian art and literature are conducted.

The main aspect of courses is conversational practice on the culture-regional geographic basis. During the learning process much attention is paid for acquaintance with the cultural heritage of the Tula region.

Tula and the Tula region, located in the center, in the heart of Russia give the opportunity to get introduction about typical Russian provincial town. During the stay in Tula course participants make acquaintance with the most famous museums of the city and the region, commit walking and coach tours, visit theaters and concert platforms. Tula Museums (the Museum of Weapons, the Samovars Museum, the Museum "Tula antiquities", the Museum by N.I. Beloborodov, the Museum-Necropolis by the Demidovs etc.) make it possible to create a picture of the activities of our city and the foreign students see our city as the city of masters who can make real wonders by hands.

The representatives of China, Germany, Poland, Italy, Finland and other countries, who have been trained in the courses, have highly appreciated the training program and remembered Russia as a country with interesting culture, rich and beautiful language, with hospitable and friendly people.

Special Russian language courses:

Modern colloquial Russian language

Russian phonetics and intonation

Difficulties of Russian grammar

Russian speech etiquette

Business Russian

Artistic text

New vocabulary and phraseology of Russian language

Features of the media language

Life and creative work of Lev Tolstoy

The culture and traditions of the Russian people

and others.