The International Faculty 

1) General information about the department, the year of foundation

The International Faculty was founded in 1977. For more than thirty-year history of the faculty hundreds of foreign citizens from more than 40 countries have trained in the department of pre-university training in the basic educational programs and additional education programs.

Since 2010 the faculty is headed by Ph.D. in Pedagogical sciences, associate professor Tatyana Borisovna Kashpireva.

There is department of Russian as foreign language on the faculty, which is headed by Doctor in Philological sciences, Professor Raisa Vasilievna Lopukhina, and preparatory department for foreign citizens, which is headed by Doctor of Philological sciences, Professor Irina Evgenievna Gerasimenko.

2) Students

Today 416 people from 43 foreign countries study at Lev Tolstoy TSPU (from Azerbaijan, Angola, Antigua and Barbuda, Armenia, Afghanistan, Belarus, Bolivia, Vietnam, Egypt, Zambia, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Iraq, Italy, Kazakhstan, Cameroon, Kyrgyzstan China, Colombia, Congo (DRC), Côte d'Ivoire, Madagascar, Mozambique, Moldova, Mongolia, Myanmar, Namibia, Niger, Pakistan, Palestine, Republic of the Congo, Syria, Somalia, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Chad, Ecuador, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia).

Foreign citizens arriving in Russia to get education or training are taken at the university:

• according to the directions of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and in accordance with international agreements in the frame of the quotas determined by the relevant regulations of the Government of the Russian Federation;

• according to the direct agreements (contracts) concluded between the University and foreign citizens;

• in the frame of realization of the preemptive right for the matriculation in the educational institutions of higher education.

In the case, if foreigners do not know Russian language on the sufficient level for training, initially they are matriculated on the studying of the pre-university training department on the profile of the future-oriented professional specialization. According to the decree № 3414 of August 28, 2003 and the number 711 of April 19, 2007 Lev Tolstoy Tula State Pedagogical University was added to the list of the federal government educational institutions of higher professional education of the Russian Federation which have the right to realize pre-university training of foreign citizens.

3) Majors and training programs

At the International Faculty the next basic educational programs of higher education are realized:

- Specialist programme (training term - 5 years):

1. "Russian language and literature" with the additional specialty "Foreign Language".

2. "Translation and Translation science".

- Bachelor programme (training term - 4 years):

1. "Philological Education" (profile "Foreign language and Russian language as foreign".

2. "Linguistics" (profile "Theory and methods of intercultural communication"; Bachelor)

3. "Philology" (profile "Applied Philology")

- Magistracy (training term - 2 years)

1. "Philology" (master's program "Russian as foreign language"

- Magistracy (training term - 2,5 years, extramural studies for the citizens of the Russian Federation)

1. "Philology" (master's program "Russian as foreign language")

4) Staff of the Faculty

At the International Faculty 2 doctors of sciences, 7 Ph.D. of sciences, 1 foreign teacher and also senior teachers and assistants with extensive practical experience of work with foreign citizens work.

Over the years of working with variable cohort of student the teachers of the Faculty have accumulated the rich experience in dealing with carriers of various national cultures. They are engaged in development of theoretical and methodological issues of Russian language teaching and subjects of specialization (a common theme of department research - "Lingvoculturological aspects of teaching Russian language to foreign citizens"). Teachers also examine the issues of national-oriented techniques of psychological adaptation of foreign students, intercultural communication, typology, pedagogy and psychology.

5) Facilities

The International Faculty has 12 lecture rooms equipped with technics that allows to give classes on a high level. There is a computer room with Internet access, which is used both in the educational process, and for the organization of independent work of students.

Foreign citizens reside in a special 9-storey hostel, which is located on the campus and guarded around the clock.

6) Graduates

Foreign citizens - graduates of the International Faculty and other faculties of Lev Tolstoy TSPU, after finishing their studies, have the opportunity to start working both in the homeland and in Russia, as well as to continue their education at the next level of education in the Lev Tolstoy State Pedagogical University and other Russian universities. Most often, graduates return back to their homeland to get a job connecting with their specialisation. Students are trained on the direction of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation in the framework of intergovernmental agreements with foreign countries, often already are demanded in the homeland as young specialists and after graduation they receive employment offers in their country.

8) Contact information

Address: 125 Prospect Lenina, building 4, Tula, Russia 300026, room 341

Telephone: + 7 (4872) 33-16-93