The Faculty of Psychology

1) General information about the department, the year of foundation

The Department of Psychology was founded on the 18th of February 2000 by the decision of the Academic Board of Tula State Lev Tolstoy pedagogical university.

Since the 1st of September 2013 the Department includes two sub – departments: the sub-department of Psychology and Education and the sub-department of Special Psychology.

The dean of the Department is Natalia Stepanova (Candidate of Psychological Science, associate professor).

Subdean for Academic Affairs – Belousov Roman

Subdean for Educational and methodical work – Karandeeva Arina

Subdean for Educational work – Guliaeva Iulia

Manager of Dormitory Affairs – Lukianova Anastasia

Specialist in educational and methodical work - Gadgieva Hamis

2) Students

More than 1150 students study at the Department of Psychology: 485 are full time students and 667 – part-time students. More than 300 people attend the courses of qualification - based training.

3) Majors and training programs

Full-time Undergraduate programmes

1. Psychology (Psychology of Management). Entrance exams: biology, mathematics, Russian language.

2. Special education (Special Psychology, Pres-school Defectology). Entrance exams: biology, Russian language, social studies.

3. Educational psychology (Psychology of Education, Psychology and pedagogy of pre-school education). Entrance exams: biology, Russian language, social studies.

Postgraduate programmes

1. Psycho - pedagogical education (Management psychology of education, Health- technology in pre-school education)

2. Education (Educational activity in pre - school education, Developing education of pre - school children)

3. Special (defectological) Education (Psychological and educational support of disabled people, Psychology and pedagogy of special education).

Part – time undergraduate programmes

1. Psychology (Psychology of Management)

2. Special (defectological) Education (Special Psychology, Pres-school Defectology, Logopedics)

3. Psycho - pedagogical education (Psychology of education, Psychology and pedagogy of pre-school education)

4) Staff of the Faculty

The faculty is represented by 55 professors, who are Phds, professors and assistant professors. High qualification, scientific potential and diverse professional experience of the teaching staff of the Department provide a highly quality students’ training which conforms to the requirements of modern society. Faculty professors are members of the public professional associations of psychologists.

5) Facilities

For the organization of the educational process the Department of Psychology possesses different kinds of equipment and facilities, which provide quality students’ training, their practical and scientific research, which are realized according to the syllabus.

The main educational process is held in the building №4. There exist 4 special rooms; all lectures hall have multimedia equipment and computer facilities, which provide the access to the Internet.

The Department possesses special rooms representing classrooms for lectures, seminars, group and individual tutorials, for monitoring and testing, and also for individual work of students.

Special rooms are equipped with specialized furniture and technical training aids, the aim of which is the representation of information to the large audience. There is a special set of demonstration equipment for giving lectures, and also there exist training aids ensuring topical illustration which coincide with curriculum.

The laboratory of psychodiagnosis is equipped with diagnostic system depending on the purpose of study. Due to the specific features which are associated with the profile of the basic educational programme, students have the opportunity to use all these diagnostic materials.

The classroom of Logopedics has the computer technology with the access to the Internet and to electronic information - educational network of the university and the department. Graphic-didactic materials are also represented in this room.

The room of psychological training (№ 530) is provided with the following equipment: training chairs with armrests – 20 items, flipchart board with complete accessories - 1 item, portable barrier - 1 item, mirrors- 2 items.

The room for postgraduate students (№ 528) is equipped with television, laptop, flipchart board and multimedia projector.

The room for individual work of students and the room of psychology have a great book collection, which includes 2763 publications, also the rooms have computer technologies with the access to the Internet.

6) Achievements of the Faculty

The university tradition of publication of special monographic research is supported at the department of psychology. On the basis of the department the researches in different key areas of modern psychology are carried out, for examples motivational and semantic aspects of special training for psychologists, the introduction of innovative technologies in educational environment for disabled children.

Among the students of the department are winners of Tula State Lev Tolstoy pedagogical university scholarship for scientific-research activity, the winners of Russian student competition in Psychology, participants of open contest for the best work on natural, technical and humanitarian sciences in the universities of the Russian Federation, winners of all-Russian competition of student research papers in the humanities «Youth. Education.Science».

The international cooperation is developing now, the programmes of further education are realized, and the international and all-Russian student mobility is fulfilled at the Department of Psychology.

7) Graduates

85 % of graduates work according to their field of study. Graduates of the department work in educational institutions, institutions of social protection of the population, secondary and higher educational institutions, industrial enterprises, enforcement agencies and commercial structures, staffing companies.

8) Contact information

Telephone of the dean’s office: (4872) 35-56-68.


Address: Tula city, Prospekt Lenina 125, building № 4, room 529.