The Faculty of Physical Education

1) General information about the department, the year of foundation

The Department of Physical Education was founded in 1977 and became an expression of pedagogical community care of health, harmonious development, the physical improvement of the younger generation.

The aim of the department is to prepare school teachers, highly qualified sportsmen, organization of scientific research in the field of physical culture and sports, the creation of regional programs of physical education and rehabilitation of all categories of the population of Tula region.

2) Students

Today more than 300 students study at the four different majors of training in physical education and pedagogy.

3) Majors and training programs

Physical education (management of physical education and sport)

Physical education (sport and health technology)

Pedagogical education (physical education)

Pedagogical education (physical education and further education)

Pedagogy (education in the sphere of physical education)

4) Staff of the Faculty

The department has an active, hard-working teaching staff. Today the Department of Physical Education is a modern division in the structure of Leo Tolstoy Tula State Pedagogical University and includes sub-department of Theory and Methods of Physical Education and Sports, sub-department of PE, university sports club. The faculty is represented by professors, PhD and candidates of Sciences.

5) Facilities

The Department of Physical Education has modern teaching equipment, facilities and advanced sports infrastructure. New modern sports facilities are built and put into operation. Today, there are 15 sports venue at the department.

6) Achievements of the Faculty

The sub-departments of the Department of Physical Education cooperate with the leading scientists of Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport, Youth and Tourism, of All-Russian research institute of Physical Education and Sport, and of State Pedagogical University of Russia.

The leading specialists of the department take active part in the training of highly qualified scientific and pedagogical staff for TSPU and universities in Russia. During the existence of the department 3 teachers earned Ph.D. and 19 teachers earned Candidate's degree. At the same time the scientists of the department published 8 scientific monographs and more than 25 textbooks and teaching materials for various educational institutions. In 2005-2012 18 students’ scientific researches were medal and certificate awarded.

7) Graduates

The Department of Physical Education is proud of its graduates. There are the Olympic games champions: V.Petrakov and O. Sliusareva; the participants of the Olympic games; champions of world championships: T.Piltsikova, N.Koviakh, E.Karpacheva, E. Saveleva, L.Chukhnova, N.Glebova, S.Flerko, D. Abramova, A. Demidova, A.Nerserian, Y.Loseva, K.Mariasova; champions of Russia and European championships: B.Nikulin, O.Kholandireva, A.Losev. P.Dudchenko, E.Ziukina, I.Zhdanova, A.Komarovskii, V.Uskov, among the graduates of the department.

8) Contact information

Frolov Aleksander – Cand.Sc. (education), dean of the department

Address: 125 Prospect Lenina, building 2, Tula, Russia 300026, room 92

Telephone: + 7 (4872) 35-77-15