The Faculty of Natural Sciences

1) General information about the department, the year of foundation

The Department of Natural Sciences was founded in 1963. At the present time 442 students and 10 PG students study at the department.

2) Majors and training programs

Undergraduate programmes:

Pharmaceutical science

Chemistry (medical chemistry and pharmaceutical chemistry)

Chemistry (environmental chemistry, chemical expertise and environmental safety)

Biology (Bioecology)

Agronomical science

Pedagogical education (Biology)

Pedagogical education (Chemistry)

Graduate programmes:

Pedagogical education (Organic chemistry)

Pedagogical education (Biology)



Doctorate programmes:

Organic chemistry

Physical chemistry


Biochemistry and Plant physiology


Sanitary science

3) Facilities

The structure of department includes 5 sub-departments: sub-department of Chemistry, sub-department of Biology and Ecology, sub-department of Biology and Living Systems Technologies, sub-department of Biomedical Science and Pharmacognosy, sub-department of Chemical technologies.

The lessons are held in 55 classes and labs. There are a number of academic centers (The research-and-production center “Himreaktivdiagnostika”, The Innovative Research Centre “New Chemical Technologies”), labs (Zoological laboratory, Laboratory of functional regulation of hemodynamics) and school of sciences at the department where the students, graduates and teachers can conduct researches.

4) Staff of the Faculty

The faculty of the Department of Natural Sciences is represented by Doctors of Science and PhDs. The teachers of the department won 32 grants from various funds and programs for the last 3 years, published more than 480 research articles.

5) Achievements of the Faculty

The educational program “Chemistry” is one of the best innovative educational programs in Russia according to the expert poll conducted throughout the project "The best educational programs of innovative Russia".

6) Graduates

The Department of Natural Sciences is proud of its graduates. More than 4500 students graduated the department since it was founded. Most of them are included into the golden fund of natural science teachers of Tula region. 45 graduates were awarded the title of "Soros teacher", 25 Chemistry, Biology and Geography teachers were National Project “Education” prizewinners and got the Presidential grant. Also among the graduates of the department there are winners of the contests “Teacher of the Year”, “Engineer of the Year” “The Best Specialist in Farm Business”.

7) Contact information

Shakhkeldian Irina – PhD in Chemistry, dean of the department

Address: 125 Prospect Lenina, building 2, Tula, Russia 300026, room 48

Telephone: + 7 (4872) 35-78-08