The Faculty of Foreign Languages

1) General information about the department, the year of foundation

The Department of Foreign Languages is one of the fastest growing and innovative departments of our university. It is the department with long and rich history, which gave the university highly qualified professors and talented students. It is difficult to overestimate the contribution of the department to the university; over the past 70 years the department has been constantly developing, growing and evolving.

The Department of Foreign Languages of Tula State Lev Tolstoy Pedagogical University was founded in October 1944 and rose from the small amount of faculty of ten professors and forty students up to one of the biggest and the most important departments, which includes 800 students and 100 academics.

Speaking about the department it’s worth mentioning the high level of professors professionalism, their teamwork and quality of their work. Students of our department demonstrate a high level of knowledge and they possess deep inner culture and education. That allows graduates of the department to be constantly in-demand on the labor market and to get prestigious job not only in our region, but also throughout the whole country.

2) Students

Full-time students: 621

Part-time students: 120

3) Majors and training programs

Full-time Undergraduate programmes

1. «Foreign language» (English) with additional specialty Foreign Language (German, French),

2. Practice and Theory of Translation,

3. Philology specialization Foreign philology

4. Pedagogical Education specialization Foreign language and Foreign language (English, German, French)

5. Linguistics specialization Practice and Theory of Translation

Postgraduate programmes

1. Pedagogical Education specialization Language education

4) Staff of the Faculty

The faculty of the department includes: 3 PhDs, 47 assistant professors, Candidate of Sciences, 9 Senior lectures, 12 assistance lecturers.

5) Facilities

For the organization of the educational process the Department of Foreign languages possesses different kinds of equipment and facilities, which provide quality students training, their practical and scientific research, which are realized according to the syllabus. Most of the rooms are equipped with special computer technologies, linguistic labs and multimedia facilities.

6) Achievements of the Faculty

The international cooperation is actively developing at the department; we have connections with China, Germany, The USA, Spain, France, Ireland, Serbia and Montenegro. Students and faculty staff take part in different international programmes and seminars. Now it became a very good tradition to invite foreign tutors and native speakers. This year the specialists from France, Germany and Spain work at the department of foreign languages. We want to mention proudly that since last year students have opportunity to study not only English, German and French, but also Spanish, which has recently appeared in the curriculum.

Together with preparation of future teachers, since 2001 there exists a special training of prospective translators. Students carry out translation support on different significant meetings, which are held in Tula region. Graduates of our department become our friends in the future and the department cooperates with such large companies as Schekinozot, Tyazhpromarmatura in Alexin city, Metro Cash&Carry, KPB and many others.

7) Graduates

- Fomicheva Zhanna Evgenievna, vice-rector of International Cooperation and education,

- Razoryonov Dmitrii Alexandrovich, dean of the Department of foreign languages (2009 – present days),

- Volkov Alexandr Mikhailovich, chief of company EVENTORS: the organization of business and entertaining events in Tula,

- Brustina Alina Yakovlevna, head teacher of School of English language Lenark, Mater of Education (MEdin TESOL, University of Leeds),

- Sheveleva Aleftina Alexandrovna, chief of the department for education, Ministry of Education in Tula Region.

8) Contact information

Dean of the department - Razoryonov Dmitrii Alexandrovich:

tel./fax:(4872) 35-93-13,

Deans office: room 436

Telephone: (4872) 35-17-25.
Sub-department of English philology, room 431; e-mail:
Sub-department of English Language, room 409; e-mail:

Sub-department of Romance Languages, room 403; e-mail:

Sub-department of German Language, room 405; e-mail:
Sub-department of translation and intercultural communication, room 407; e-mail:,

Linguistic Lab, room 426;