Center of regional historical researches

Head of the Center

Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor

Simonova Elena Viktorovna

Author of more than 60 scientific papers and more than 50 educational publications on the history of Russia (textbooks, workbooks, reference books, tests to prepare for the State exam and the State Final Attestation) for students, teachers, and students of 6-11 forms.

The most significant works:

- Provincial towns of the Tula province in the second half of the XIX century. Monograph, Tula. Publ.: Grif&Co, 2005;

- Towns of the Tula province in the second half of the XIX century: population and economy. Monograph of the Leo Tolstoy TSPU Publishing House. 2002;

- The formation of the party and state power mechanism in 1917-1918 (by the example of the Tula province). // Rossiyskaya gosudarstvennost' veka: materialy mezhvuzovskoy konferentsii, posvyashchennoy 80-letiyu so dnya rozhdeniya professora N.P. Yeroshkina. (Russian statehood of XX century: proceedings of the intercollegiate conference dedicated to the Professor N.P. Eroshkin’s 80th anniversary) Moscow, 2000, Moscow, 2001. P.119–124.;

- The financial condition of Tula province towns in the second half of the XIX century. // Nashe Otechestvo. Stranitsy istorii: Sb. nauch. statey. (Our Fatherland. Pages of History: Collected articles.) MSRU. Issue 2. Moscow, 2003. p.3242.

- Charity as a social and cultural aspect of the town development (by the example of Tula province towns in the XIX century.) // Blagotvoritel'nost' v Rossii. Istoricheskiye i sotsial'no-ekonomicheskiye issledovaniya (Charity in Russia. Historical and socio-economic studies). SPb, 2004. p.105120.

- The image provincial towns in the works of writers of the XIX century. (by the example of “Morals of Rasteryaevoy street” by G.I. Uspensky). // Khudozhestvennaya literatura kak istoriko-psikhologicheskiy istochnik. Materialy Mezhdunarodnoy nauchnoy konferentsii. (Fiction as a historical and psychological source. Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference.) 1415 December 2004. St. Petersburg. SPb. 2004. Pp. 253258.

- Studies of Tula sanitary inspectors in the second half of the century. in the area of the demographic situation in the provincial town. // Sotsial'naya istoriya rossiyskoy provintsii. Materialy mezhregional'noy nauchnoy konferentsii (Social History of the Russian provinces. Proceedings of interregional scientific conference). May 2004. Tambov, 2004. Pp. 4246.

- Non-agricultural handicrafts peasants Tula province in the XIX century // Nezemledel'cheskaya deyatel'nost' krest'yan i osobennosti rossiyskogo sotsiuma. XXX sessiya simpoziuma po agrarnoy istorii Vostochnoy Yevropy. Tezisy dokladov i soobshcheniy (Non-agricultural activities of peasants and Russian society features. The XXXth session of the symposium on the Eastern Europe agrarian history. Abstracts of papers and reports.) Tula, 1923 September 2006 p.53-54.

- Municipal government in the process of the townspeople habitat formation in XIX early XX century. // Istoriya i kul'tura gorodov Rossii: ot traditsii k modernizatsii: Materialy Vserossiyskogo nauchnogo Kongressa. (History and Culture of Russian towns: from tradition to modernization: Materials of the Russian Scientific Congress) Omsk, 12-14 October 2006. / Resp. Ed. D.A.Alisov, Yu.R.Gorelova, N.A.Tomilov. Omsk: LLC Izdatel'skiy dom ‘Nauka, 2006. Pp. 103105.

- Time of Troubles in the province: features of the political leaders and masses revolutionary activity (on materials of the Tula Province) // Zadavaya voprosy proshlomu. K 75-letiyu professora O.V. Volobuyeva. (Asking questions past. To the Professor O.V. Volobuyevs 75th anniversary) Collection of articles edited by V.N. Zakharov, V.V. Zhuravlev, S.V. Kuleshov, V.V. Shelohaev. M., 2006. P.240249.

- The provincial authorities in the XIXXX centuries (based on the Tula province) / / Gosudarstvennyye uchrezhdeniya Rossii XX XXI vv.: traditsii i novatsii: materialy Vserossiyskoy nauchnoy konferentsii, posvyashchennoy pamyati N.P. Yeroshkina, Moskva, 30 yanvarya 2008 g. (Russian State Institutions of the XX XXI centuries: tradition and novelties: proceedings of the All-Russian Scientific Conference dedicated to the memory of N.P. Eroshkin, Moscow, January 30, 2008) / [comp. by L.D. Shapovalova, M.A. Andreev]; Russian State Humanitarian University. M., RSUH, 2008 Moscow, January 2008 pp. 6783.

- Historic towns of Tula province in the XIX century / / RGGU: Tret'i Vserossiyskiye krayevedcheskiye chteniya. (RSUH: The Third All-Russian natural history reading.) MoscowKolomna, 2223 June 2009 P. 3439.

- Province in the XIX century: development trends of county-level towns. // Proceedings of the First All-Russian Congress of Historians and Regional Experts (St. Petersburg, 1113 October 2007): 3 vol. / Respon. Ed.: Acad. of RAO, prof. L.A. Verbitskaya, prof. A.Yu. Dvornichenko, prof. Yu.V. Krivocheev. St. Petersburg, 2010. Volume 2. pp. 716723.

- Leo Tolstoy. Introductory article, compiling, comments. // Tolstoy L.T. Izbrannoye (Leo Tolstoy, Selected.) M.: Russian Political Encyclopedia (ROSSPEN), 2010. 832 p.

- History of the Tula region. Educational manual. Tula, Publ. Leo Tolstoy TSPU, 2012.

- Technology of the party and state power in the province in the early years of Soviet rule. // Gosudarstvo i obshchestvo Rossii v XX-XXI vv.: novyye issledovaniya (State and Society of Russia in the XX-XXI centuries: new research): [Collection of articles] Proceedings of the international scientific conference dedicated to prof. T.P. Korzhihina. Moscow, April 5, 2012 / Comp. L.D. Shapovalova. M.: RSUH 2013. pp. 166174.

- Fair trade in Tula oblast in the XIX century // Tul'skiy krayevedcheskiy al'manakh. Issue 10. Tula: Tulsky poligrafist, 2013, p. 5156.

- The province master // Tula governors: popular scientific edition Tula: LLC Slaid-media, 2013. Pp. 818..

Scientific editing:

· The capital and the province in the Russian and world history: Proceedings of the All-Russian Scientific Conference dedicated to the 100th anniversary of V.N. Ashurkov. In 2 volumes. Vol.1. Tula: Publ. Leo Tolstoy TSPU, 2004. (17 quires)

Town and village in the modernization process: Proceedings of the All-Russian Scientific Conference of students and graduate students. Tula: Tulsky polygrafist, 2011. 188 p. (11 quires / 5.5).

Tul'skiye gubernatory: nauchno-populyarnoye izdaniye (Tula governors: popular scientific edition) / I.Yu. Paramonova, S.V. Krayushkina, N.N. Kirilenko and others; scient. ed. E.V. Simonova total ed. Yu.V. Ivanova; Tula Oblast State Cultural Institution Historical Local Lore and Fine Arts Museum. Tula: LLC Slaid-media, 2013. 424 p. (45,5 quires).


Laureate of the Tula Municipal Head Prize in literature and local history Istoki (Origins), 2013. (


Senior Research Scientist:

Doctor of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor, Senior Researcher

Yurkin Igor Nikolayevich

Author of more than 320 scientific and popular science works and 11 scientific and methodical ones.

The main ones are:

1. Yurkin I.N. Industrial heritage of the Tula region: Monuments, memorial places, excursion routes. Tula: Filin, 1994. 48 p.

2. Yurkin I.N. Nichola-Zaretskaya (Demidovskaya) Church in Tula: Historical essay. Tula, 1994. 80 p.

3. Yurkin I.N. Abram Bulygin: oddities, gaieties, obscure philosophy ... Tula: Rarus, 1994. 188 p., illustrated.

Reviewer: Glagoleva O. // Slavic and East European Journal. Vol. 41. 4. Winter 1997. P. 716717.

4. Yurkin I.N. The Demidovs Tula factory. 1695-1782: From the history of formation and development of the blast-furnace metallurgy in Russia. M.: Nauka, 1996. 240 p.

Reviewer: The Demidovs ascent // Byloye (the Past). 5 (70). 1997. P. 1; Guskova T.K. // Otechestvennaya istoriya. 1998. 2. P. 209210; Glagoleva O. // Slavic and East European Journal. Vol. 41. 4. Winter 1997. P. 717718.

5. Yurkin I.N. Industrial culture of the Tula region in pre-Petrine epoch (mining and metallurgy). Tula: Rarus, 1996. 26 p.

6. Yurkin I.N. The Demidovs in Tula: From the history of beginning and development of the industrial dynasty. M.; Tula: Rarus, 1998. 327 p.

7. Yurkin I.N. The Demidovs are scientists, engineers, and science and industry organizers. Experience of research-on-research prosopography. M.: Nauka, 2001. 335 p. illustrated. (Series Nauchno-biograficheskaya literature (Scientific and biographical literature))

Reviewer: Aksyonov A.I. [Review] // Vestnik Rossiyskoy akademii nauk (Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences). Vol. 73. 2003. 6. P. 560562.

8. Yurkin I.N. National history (regional component). Educational manual / Tula State University. Tula, 2002. 100 p.

9. Yurkin I.N. Andrey Andreyevich Vinius. 1641-1716. M.: Nauka, 2007. 558 p., illustrated. (Series Nauchno-biograficheskaya literature (Scientific and biographical literature).)

Reviewer: Timoshina L.A. About scholarly biography of Andrey Andreyevich Vinius // Ocherki feodal'noy Rossii (Essays of feudal Russia). Issue. 14. M.; SPb.: Alyans Arkheo, 2010. P. 530557.

10. Yurkin I.N. Ot pervoprestol'nogo grada Moskvy…: A.A. Vinius v Moskve i Podmoskov'ye (From the capital city of Moscow...: A.A. Vinius in Moscow and Moscow region) M.: Moskovskiye uchebniki i kartolitografiya, 2009. 240 p., illustrated.

11. Yurkin I.N. Peter the Iron (Peter the Great and the Tula region: facts, hypotheses, documents) / Institute of Peter the Great. SPb.: Yevropeyskiy dom, 2012. 352 p., illustrated.

12. Yurkin I.N. The Demidovs: Centenary of victories. M.: Molodaya gvardiya, 2012. 447 p. (Series Zhizn' zamechatel'nykh lyudey (Lives of Outstanding People) Issue. 1610 (1410)).

Compiler and scientific editor:

13. Panov G.I. .. Selected works. Charity and social care. The late XVIII 60s of the XIX centuries. / Comp., article support and commentary of I.N. Yurkin. M.: Drevlekhranilishche, 2008.

14. Tul'skiye oruzheyniki: Sbornik dokumentov (Tula armourers: Collection of documents) / Resp. ed. I.N. Yurkin M.; ROSSPEN, 2003. 368 pp.

Awards and prizes

Award For great contribution to the revival of culture and morality of Tula (1996);

Badge of Honor of the International Demidov Fund presidium (2003);

Honorary diploma of the Makariyevsky fund on results of competition for the best scientific publication in 2001-2002. on national history (for the book The Demidovs are scientists, engineers ...);

Prize of State Archive Competition of scientific works in the field of archival science, scientific discipline of documentation and archeography for 2003-2004. (for the collection Tul'skiye oruzheyniki (Tula armourers));

Order of the Russian Orthodox Church of St. Innocent of the 2nd degree (2005?).

Published biography of I.N. Yurkin:

Bibliography of I.N. Yurkins works // Tul'skiy kray. Pamyatnyye daty na 2003 god (Tula region. Anniversaries for 2003) / Tul. obl. univ. scientific library, Tul. obl. hist-arch. and lit. museum, State archive of Tula oblast. Tula, 2002. P. 190220.

Russkoye genealogicheskoye obshchestvo: Kratkiy biobibliograficheskiy spravochnik. (Russian Genealogical Society: A brief bio-bibliographical reference book) SPb.: VIRD 1997. Pp. 8182.

Museum and book: the Scientific Library of the Association History, architecture and literature museum of Tula oblast and bibliography of works of his staff. Tula: Grif & Co., 1999. Pp. 3841.

Antonova Irina Andreevna

Author of over 30 scientific papers and types of scientific reference system to the documents of the State public institution State Archive of Tula oblast

The most significant works:

1. Russian parish registers of XVIII early XX century (Metricheskiye knigi Rossii XVIII nachala XX v) / RSUH. M., 2006. 385 p. (in collaboration with D.N. Antonov).

2. Professions in everyday life of province town Tula of the first half of XIX century. Tula, 2011. 200 p. / Collection of documents, respon. compiler and editor

3. State Archive of Tula oblast. Guidebook. Part 1. Tula, 2001 (editorial board member, author and compiler).

4. Tula region in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. Vol. 1. 1942: A collection of documents and materials / Resp. compiler I.N. Avdyushkina, compiler and resp. ed. I.A. Antonova. Tula: Grif & Co, 2012. 324 pp.

5. Parish registers: a time to gather stones together // Otechestvennyye arkhivy (Domestic archives). 1996, 4. P. 1528; 5. P. 2639 (in collaboration with D.N. Antonov);

6. About Funding and archival heuristics of parish registers // Archival science and studies of sources of the National history. Interaction problems at the present stage. Reports and theses at the second All-Russian conf. 12-13 March 1996 Moscow: SAS RF, AUSRIDA (VNIIDAD), 1997. Pp. 293299. (in collaboration with D.N. Antonov).

7. Historical inventories of parish registers as a historical source // Otech. Arkhivy (Domestic archives). 1998. 1. P. 27-35. (in collaboration with D.N. Antonov).

8. Law Of acts of civil status: archival conception // Otechestvennyye arkhivy (Domestic archives). 1999. - 4. P. 13-15.

9. Act of birth registration in France and in Russia in the middle of XIX century // Istochnikovedeniye i komparativnyy metod v gumanitarnom znanii (Source study and the comparative method in the humanities). Abstracts and reports of scientific conf. M., 1996. P. 355-359 (in collaboration with D.N. Antonov);

10. Methodological techniques of internal criticism of parish registers and acts of civil status in the Textbook on historical demography by L. Henri // Rossiya v X-XVIII vv. Problemy istorii i istochnikovedeniya (Russia in the X-XVIII centuries. Problems of history and source studies) Abstracts and reports of the Second readings in memory of A.A. Zimin. M.: RSUH, 1995. P. 66-70.

11. Act of birth registration in France and in Russia in the middle of the XIX century // Istochnikovedeniye i komparativnyy metod v gumanitarnom znanii (Source study and the comparative method in the humanities). Abstracts and reports of scientific conf. January, 29-31 1996 M.: RSUH, 1996. P. 355-359.

12. Sources of genealogical reconstructions of peasant families (by the example of Yasnaya Polyana) // Istochniki po istorii russkoy usadebnoy kul'tury (Sources on the History of Russian estate culture) / Museum-Estate Yasnaya Polyana. Yasnaya Polyana Moscow, 1997. Pp. 4656 (in collaboration with D.N. Antonov).

13. Sourses on marriage studies (marriage records, marriage tax record books and marriage searches) // Problemy istoricheskoy demografii i istoricheskoy geografii Tsentral'nogo Chernozem'ya i Zapada Rossii (Problems ohistorical demography and historical geography of Central Chernozemye (Black Earth zone) and West of Russia). Moscow-Bryansk, 1996. P. 810. (in collaboration with D.N. Antonov).

14. Restoration of family history and computer // Komputer i istoricheskaya demografiya (Computer and historical demography). Collection of scientific works. Barnaul, 2000. P. 107136.

15. Name catalog of the former special storage. History, form, representativeness, possibility of database creation// Krug idey: razvitiye istoricheskoy informatiki. Trudy II konferencii Associacii Istoriya I komputer (Circle of ideas: development of historical information. Proceedings of the IInd conference of Association History and computer) / Moscow city archive association. M., 1995. P. 343349.

16. Practice of genealogical information use through name catalog of former special storage (on the material State Archive of Tula oblast) // Vestnik arkhivista (Bulletin of archivist). 1992. 5 (11). P. 1822.

17. Of the growth of social need for retrospective information and its satisfation through the archive (on the materials of SATO) // Izvestiya russkogo genealogicheskogo obshchestva (Bulletin of Russian genealogical society). SPb, 1995. Issue 2. p. 5254

18. Tula State University and State Archive of Tula oblast: aspects of cooperation // Rol' arkhivnykh uchrezhdeniy v podgotovke istorikov-arkhivistov i istorikov-krayevedov: Materialy Vserossiyskoy nauchno-prakticheskoy konferentsii (Role of archival institutions in historians-archivists and local lore historians training: Proceedings of All-Russian theoretical and practical conference). Moscow, November, 23 2006. M: RSUH, 2007. P. 4650.

19. Svyashchennosluzhiteli i tserkvi g. Tuly (Clergymen and churches in Tula). Tula: Publ. TSU (TulGU), 2006. 92 p. (in collaboration with A.G. Zaytsev).

20. With love to the land of Tula. Nikolai Fedorovich Andreev (1795 - 1864) // Gordost' zemli Tul'skoy (Pride land of Tula). [Vol. 2]. Tula, 1991. Pp. 3742. (in collaboration with D.N. Antonov).

Compiler and scientific editor (scientific consultant)

21. Genealogicheskaya informatsiya v gosudarstvennykh arkhivakh Rossii: Spravochnoye posobiye (Genealogical information in the state archives of Russia: Reference Guide) / Feder. archive agency, AUSRIDA (VNIIDAD) (compiler). M., 2004. 208 p.

22. Chizhkov A.B. Tul'skiye usad'by. Katalog s kartoy raspolozheniya usadeb (Tula estates. Catalogue with map of estate location). Smolensk, 2011. 208 p. (scientific editor)

23. Sinodiki Tul'skoy gubernii. Krapivenskiy i Yefremovskiy uyezdy (Decedent names record books of Tula region. Krapivensky and Efremovsky uyezds) / Author-compilers are T.V. Georgiyevskaya, M.V. Petrova. Tula, 20112013. (scientific consultant)

Awards and prizes

in Russian national sectoral competition of scientific works in the field of archival science, scientific discipline of documentation and archeography

Diploma and the first cash prize:

Historical and archeographical study Parish registers: History. Paperwork. Sources of acquisition, scientific and technical processing (1998)

Diploma and the second cash prize:

Database of fund inventory 2202 Collection of the column paperwork documents (2010)

Diploma and the third cash prize:

Methodical recommendations Analysis of the work with high value and unique documents in SAI TO State Archive (2012)

Geographical Index to inventory 14/58 Economic Notes fund 291 Tula provincial drawing-room (2010)


Name annotated indexes Funds of bourgeois elders in Tula province and fund 499 Tula merchant elder (2010)

Laboratory assistant of the Center:

Bilenko Nikita Alekseevich, 4th year student of the Faculty of History and Law

The main activities

The Leo Tolstoy Tula State Pedagogical University Center of regional historical researches is a structural unit of the University and accountable to the Vice Rector for Research Work in its activity.

The Center is created for a wide engagement of professor-teacher staff, graduated students and students in the work on studying, gathering of documents and research papers on regional history.

The main purpose of the Center is to organize and to conduct research, scientific-methodical, educational-methodical and consulting activities in the field of regional history in the directions:

history of regions in Russia and abroad (culture of everyday life, mechanisms of socialization, worldview and behavior patterns of population, economic and political history, history of public institutions, development of social and cultural environment);

interaction with the Russian Historical Society and within the Societys activities assistance in openness and availability of Russian archives, ensuring preservation and analysis of documents containing there; support to the historical education and fostering implementation of the latest scientific achievements in pedagogical practice; assistance in educational and outreach activity realization in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation;

interaction with structural units of the University, social association of scientific and scientific-pedagogical workers, educational and scientific organizations as well as with other organizations which statutory purpose is to create conditions, practical assistance and participation in scientific research development;

analysis of modern claims and giving of practical recommendations for necessary resource-information supplying of organization and carrying out regional historical scientific researches;

development of electronic educational and cultural and awareness-raising resources;

professional development and retraining staff of the University, persons in the education and culture, ones of budget sphere and other legal entities and individuals on issues of the Center.

The main tasks of the Center are:

- to increase the quality of research activity in regional history on the basis of wide implementation of informational and communicational technologies and to integrate results of scientific researches into the structure and content of educational process;

to create conditions for active participation of professional and teaching staff, doctoral candidates, graduate students, undergraduates and students of the University in carrying out scientific researches on regional history;

to attract to the work on the Center issues of leading RAS scholars, well-known specialists, doctoral candidates, graduate students, undergraduates and students of the University including through post-graduate school, doctorate, term papers, graduation qualification theses;

to implement results of scientific researches into educational process by means of development and realization in framework of FSES HPE new electronic resources and workshops, to include them in the curricula of corresponding trends and training profiles;

to enrich and to systematize the source base up to regional history and culture of Tula oblast and other Russian regions and also to form of multimedia database on electronic carriers, to create media center;

to prepare scientific publications on the issues of historical researches in the field of regional history;

to organize and to hold scientific and theoretical and practical conferences, exhibitions on the main directions of the Center work;

to help teaching staff, doctoral candidates, graduate students, undergraduates and students of the University in organization and carrying out of Research Work and Student Research Work on issues of the Center;

to participate in grant competitions and contest programs on the subject of the Center;

to develop inter-university cooperation in the educational and research activities, to implement scientific contacts with institutions working on related issues;

to realize scientific, educational and popular scientific editing projects related to the problems of studying and saving historical and cultural heritage of Tula region;

to popularize scientific ideas of the Center among schoolchildren (to hold competitions, contests; to organize societies etc);

to expand selection due to the subjects of the Center to MA course, post-graduate course, doctorate;

to provide consulting services for the protection, study and use of cultural heritage to local governments, educational and cultural institutions.

The Center is currently engaged in research in the following directions:

1. Specifics of the region in the anthropological dimension.

2. Society, economy, culture and ideology in the context of the modernization of tradition.

The Center is located at: Rooms 3031, Leo Tolstoy TSPU academic building 1, 7, Mendeleevskaya Street, Tula, 300000.

Telephone: (4872) 36-20-94

Useful links:

The Institute of Russian History of the Russian Academy of Sciences

The Institute of General History of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Russian Historical Society Association

Tul'skiy krayevedcheskiy al'manakh (Regional Historical Yearbook)