Our university has a long and rich history, thousands of people studied and worked here, who later on glorified Russian education. The university has become a leading institution of higher education among specialized universities. Our rich historical past, our contemporary research activities, fast development and innovation let Tula State Lev Tolstoy University occupy a leading position in Russian education system.

I entered this university after high school, and have never left the institution. I followed all the steps of the career ladder - starting from the position of a laboratory assistant and being the rector at the moment. And thus I can confirm: very talented and hard-working boys and girls studied here at all times, these students can be easily trusted with the future of the region and the country. The major goal of the university is teaching a person to think and to discuss, make decisions and bring the ideas to life.

The world is constantly changing, thus the system of higher education is changing as well: keeping the traditions of pedagogical education, the university is integrating in the education process of the whole world. Information and computer technologies not only give new opportunities, but also demand the development of new criteria for the university, which is being successfully recognized by the university.

Rector of Tula State Lev Tolstoy
Pedagogical University,
Professor, PhD in
Physics and Mathematics

Vladimir A. Panin