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    At present the university is preparing bachelors and masters in accordance with the Federal State Education Standards of Higher Professional Education in the following areas below:


    Computer and Information

    «Essential Computer Science and Information Technology» (specialization Open Information Systems)

    Software and Administration of Information Systems (specialization Information Systems and Databases)


    Chemistry (specialization Medical and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Chemical Expertise and Environmental Safety)

    Biological Sciences

    Biology (specialization General Biology, Bioecology, Cynology)

    Computer Science and Engineering

    Applied Computer Science (specialization Applied Informatics in Health Care)

    Technospere Safety and Enviromental Engineering

    Technosphere Safety (specialization Protection in Emergencies)

    Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing

    Agronomy (specialization Agronomy)

    Agroengineering (specialization Technical Systems in Agribusiness)


    Psychology (specialization Psychology of Personnel Management)

    Economics and Management

    Economics (specialization Business Economics, Credit and Finance, Business Accounting, Analysis and Audit)

    Management (specialization Small Business Management, Human Resource Management, State and Municipal Management)

    Sociology and social Work

    Social Work (specialization Social Services)

    Adolescent and Young Adult Education

    Hospitality and Tourism

    Hospitality (specialization Transportation Hospitality, Hotel Hospitality, Tourist and Sport Facilities, Hospitality Estate)

    Tourism (specialization Technology and organization of excursions, Technology and Business Operators and Agency Services)

    Education and Pedagogy

    Pedagogical Education (specialization Mathematics and Physics, Biology and Chemistry, Russian Language and Foreign Language, Russian Literature and World Artistic Culture, Russian Language and Literature, History and Law, Physical Culture and Additional Professional Education, Technology and Economics, Foreign Languages (English and German, English and French), Primary Education and Foreign Language (English), Primary Education and Information Science)

    Pedagogical Education (specialization Mathematics, Information, Technology, History, Law, Music, Russian Language, Primary Education, Foreign Language (English), Physical Education)

    Psychological and Pedagogical Education (specialization Educational Psychology, Psychology and Pedagogy of Preschool Education)

    Special Education (specialization Special Education for Preschool Children with Special Needs, Special Psychology, Speech Therapy)

    Professional Education (specialization Economics and Management, Law and Law Enforcement)

    Linguistics and Literature Studies

    Philology (specialization Russian Philology, Philology of Foreign Languages, Applied Philology)

    Linguistics (specialization Translation Theory and Practice, Theory and Practice of International Communication)

    History and Archaeology

    History (specialization History of International Relations)

    Records Management and Archival Science (specialization Records Management and Document Support of Management, Document Support in Government and Local Authorities)

    Physical ulture and Sport

    Physical Culture (specialization Technologies of Recreation Activities)

    Art studies

    Art and Liberal Studies (specialization Journalism in cultural area)





    Agronomical Science (master’s program Crop Science)

    Agro Cultural Engineering (masters program Innovation Management)

    Pedagogical education (masters program Theoretical and Applied Linguistics in Education, Russian Literature as a Means of Nation Integration, Linguistic and Culture Education, Legal Control of the Organization Activity, History of the State and People of Russia, Organic Chemistry, Biology, Physical Training Education, Mathematical Methods in Administration and Education, Pedagogy of Higher Education, Commercial Education, Linguistic Education, Theories and Principles
    of Teaching Art and Liberal Studies, Theories and Principles of Teaching Religious Culture Basis, Pedagogy and Psychology of Child Development, Educational Quality Control, Russian as a Second Language, Cultural Practices in Education, Developing Education of Preschool Children

    Psychological and Pedagogical Education (masters program Pedagogical Psychology, Educational Management Psychology, Health-Saving Technologies in Preschool Education)

    Document and Archivistics (masters program HR Records Management and Documents Archivistics)

    Art and Liberal Studies (masters programme Theories and Principles of Teaching Art and Liberal Studies)

    Management (Master program General and Strategic Management)